Carnation Children's Place

A child's place moving at a child's pace

Goals and Philosophy

Carnation Children’s Place Montessori School is dedicated to the nurturing and education of young children in a peaceful and non-threatening environment which reflects an understanding of the Montessori Philosophy of education and child development.

Our goal is to assist children to reach their fullest potential as healthy, creative, constructive members of a community and to offer experiences which will help children spontaneously develop a love for life-long learning. We aim to keep a prepared environment filled with self-correcting materials where children can explore life at a level that they can understand.

Carnation Children’s Place believes that social, racial, religious and cultural diversity in the student body contributes greatly to the value of the school experience. It therefore does not discriminate in admission or placement on the basis of sex, race, religion, disability, creed or national origin.

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